Funny Tings & Mommy Stories

Funny Tings & Mommy Stories

by Barbara Jacques May 30, 2018

Aside from poopy diapers, and zero private moments in the bathroom, kids are so much fun. This little buggers do and say the funniest things. We asked some awesome moms to share some of their funny mommy stories and what they've learned from their kids.

Meet Barbara and her daughter

What do you love most about being a mommy?

Being a mom is a beautiful and indescribable blessing. I have learned so much from my daughter but you also learn so much about myself. It's an amazing feeling when you have a person that you want to be a better person for and be a better version of myself. I love everything about being a mommy. I love the hugs, the kisses, the highs and the lows, like no sleep when she's not feeling well. 

What’s a funny story about you and your daughter?

My daughter is a funny little firecracker with a lot of sass. She made the dance team at her school. For the teams most recent dance competition the dancers we required to wear makeup. Yep, makeup. And, of course, my daughter found so much joy and happiness in being able to wear eyeshadow and mascara for the day. 

A couple days after the dance competition on the way out heading to school, my daughter comes to me and asked me to give her my makeup bag so she can put on mascara. I explained to her she was not allowed to wear makeup and she was definitely not wearing makeup to school.

She looks at me and said, "Well, that's not fair, you get to wear makeup whenever you want. I just want to wear it school." Then walks off. All I can do is just stare at her shaking my head.

Meet Amanda and her boys

 "My children have taught me to value free time, which I did NOT appreciate enough before I had them, hah!” - Amanda LIght, Lifestyle Blogger and Mother of Dragons

What’s a funny story about you and your kids?

It might be my Mom-Brain but I cannot think of a specific story that would be suitable for print! Haha, we laugh a lot, but it is generally when someone passes gas, the baby pees on the floor after a bath or we scream after my son picked up dog poop on a sidewalk and asked what it was... OK there is a funny story, my son picked up (dried) dog poop on the sidewalk and curiously asked me what it was. After I gave him a public bath with wipes and hand sanitizer, I called my husband because really, it was hilarious. Gross, but hilarious because his innocence is just so endearing.

What do you love most about being a mommy?

I love that there is never a dull moment. We spend so much time together that sometimes I get frustrated but they always recharge my batteries with funny stories, hugs, kisses and interesting questions about the world. I am a Mom of boys and am so much more into super heroes than I thought I would ever be but here I am!  Being a Mom is such an interesting job and one that I am lucky to have. I never forget that.

 For more of Ashley and her adorable little boys, please check out her blog at

Meet Marceau and Sai

“My child has taught me strength that I never knew I had. I've been through many challenges, and a lot of times I've given up.  Being a mom has certainly given me that extra push especially thinking about my son's future.” - Marceau Photeau, Photographer & Blogger


Can you share a funny story about your adorable child?

One time Sai and I were visiting my mom. I decided to sit down and have some cake while Sai was sitting on my lap.  I'm sitting down talking to my mom and enjoying this piece of cake. As I get ready to put the other piece in my mouth my son snatched the cake and put it in his mouth. There were crumbs all over his face and fingers. It happened so fast I couldn't believe he managed to grab my cake like that. I guess he was planning for the right time to take the cake while I was talking and stuffing my face. My mom and I were laughing because he was only about 6 or 7 months old.


What do you love most about being a mommy?

I really love the kisses. I think I have a problem because every time we go somewhere or I'm getting him out the car seat I have to get a kiss it's like a ritual. Those sweet kisses are my source of energy.  Also, one of my favorited things about being a mom is learning all over again and introducing him to new things just to see his reaction.

We can go on for days with mommy stories. I'd love to hear your mommy funny stories.  Please leave a comment below and share your funny kid stories.

Barbara Jacques
Barbara Jacques


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